Join our Production Team!

Director’s Assistant

There are so many pieces of the puzzle that the director has to think of all at once. This role helps the director to be in 20 places at once. From picking up printing materials at Warner Graphics, to running to Rite Aid to get extra tape or sharpies, to picking up coffee and food so she actually eats during a 15 hour rehearsal day – this is a role that is the most important to keep the machine running.

While it may seem like an errand role, it is actually a very fulfilling role for the person who might be interested in directing someday. Learn the behind-the-scenes details of what it takes to produce and direct a dance performance. Learn about lighting, sound, costuming, student direction, how to put choreography on stage, not to mention all of the details it takes to produce a show – the nitty gritty things you can’t forget.

A very educational role and a highly important one!

Production Manager

Know all of the pieces to the puzzle. Be the “right-hand-man/woman” to the director in producing all of the parts of the show that need set up, organization and volunteers. Lead the volunteers in seamlessly setting up the front of the house, know where everyone needs to be, when the programs are being delivered, if the dancers, lights and sound are ready to go, etc,etc. You will know everything the director knows and be able to answer all questions for the volunteers who are helping to set up.

Set Up:  Production Prep

There are lots of set up items that need lots of hands.  This is a hands on transporting, carrying, assembling, organizing role.  Like setting up tables, coverings and advertisement material at the front of the house… bringing in costumes from the studio and setting up back stage.  Displaying posters and donation items, etc etc.

This role is a great position for anyone who has a clear mind about executing tasks, managing the over all picture of how the house needs to be set up so that guests of the show can come in and seamlessly have access to all that Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions has to offer.

You will have clear directions from the director and production manager on all tasks.

Front of House Volunteer

Hand out programs, set up and run the raffle, usher guests, help set up intermission items, T-shirt and dvd stand, etc.. A very valuable role. These productions need all people possible and these volunteers really make the show go on!

Some roles are needed at the beginning of the show, some during intermission and some at end of show. A volunteer can be available for all three times, and some may request specific times due to their child performing. We hope to have volunteers who are available for the entire production, however we are grateful for any and all volunteer help we receive!

You will have clear directions from the director and production manager on all tasks.

Intermission: Bake Sale

This role requires the volunteers to either bake a variety of goodies and be in charge of collecting goodies from the parents of the students performing. No, you don’t have to bake 10 different gluten and dairy free items, but this role is specifically important so that you are contacting the parents who are mainly doing the baking, making sure we have table cloths, donation jars, tags that display prices, a variety of snacks and goodies, water, cups, napkins, and clear drop off and set up times for the intermission bake sale. This is the number one task the Director dislikes the most and needs help with! Someone to take the reigns and organize it all.

You will have clear directions from the director and production manager on all tasks.

Make up & Hair

A relatively easy task if there are enough hands helping, but lots of work for just the adult performers to take on. Filling this role does major service to the older performers, allowing them to focus on preparing to dance rather than doing make up for 20 kids. We are one big family and we all help each other get ready, plus it’s a huge part of the fun, however it can become stressful with out enough help back stage.

We need a team of at least 5 people helping with the Director’s basic instructions for make up and hair that won’t fall out when dancing. The director will be able to guide you in knowing exactly what is needed so you can fly from dancer to dancer getting them ready! Plus, it will be fun for you too, to be back stage during the creation of the magic!

You will have clear directions from the director on all tasks.


SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE and very versatile.  Think about what your strengths are:

Is it sewing?  Are you good at online shopping for deals?  Do you know amazon well or the fabric counter at wal-mart well?  Are you good at shopping at Goodwill or do you like to make animal costumes?

There are different roles here that need to be filled – everyone extremely important.  For every stitch the Director doesn’t have to sew, that’s on dancer who is receiving extra attention on their kicks and turns.  For every online search of hats or mustaches or matching pants from some number, that’s and hour the director can be designing light timing to perfectly match the music…a VERY important role. If you have any strength or skill in these areas, even if it is a simple whip stitch and you can cut fabric in a straight line or you’re a great bargain shopper -WE NEED YOU!

You will have clear directions from the director on all tasks.

Back Stage Set Up: Organizer & Inventory

We can’t do anything back stage if the curling irons aren’t in place, if the extra makeup and stockings aren’t bought at rite aid, if the costumes aren’t hanging in the student’s spot, and if the order of the show isn’t hanging in 20 different places for the dancers to see.  This role is important because it helps everything to be in the right place for when we need it.

During an average dance show, there are people changing and rushing hurriedly to their dressing room for their next number while other dancers just rushed out to get in place for their number, while someone is onstage performing.  It’s a constant rotating door and the average performer is in 6 numbers a show and has 30 sec to 1 minute costume changes.  The Director likes the show to move at a fast pace sot he audience doesn’t get bored or distracted – this means numbers are played back to back with 5 second transition – yes – 5 seconds – not 30 – which means dancers have to change in a heart beat and have their socks and shoes ready with their pants on the floor in place to step into with the next layer of clothing ready to go, etc etc.  It is like a factory machine.  In order to run the show properly, everything must be in place in order in which it’s being used and nothing can get in a dancer’s way or else all chaos will inevitable break loose, and the show will stop… or the show won’t stop and the dancer will miss their cue.

Yes, this is a very intense description of the reality of performing – which is why you are so very needed to fill this role.

Do you have great organization skills?  The ability to focus during chaos? Then this is the role for you!

You will have clear directions from the director and production manager on all tasks.