To book a private lesson please email us at 

Private lessons:  Don’t wait for the pandemic to pass or group activities to start up.  Begin your training with private lessons to learn new skills and get your dance dreams moving.  Or, if you don’t feel it is safe to return to groups, continue your training in private one-on-one lessons.  This option offers so much benefit.  You receive all the training and skill building you need to enhance your dance abilities, plus we can add choreography, combinations and style training to give you something fun to practice at home. Plus, receive mentorship and guidance during this time, while staying very spaced apart and be able to dance without a mask on.  If you are missing dancing with friends check out our option below.

Private groups:  If you and a few friends are new to the studio and want to “take a group class” we can make that possible by booking a private group slot just for you and your friends. This option gives the best of group classes and private lessons.  You get to dance with friends, but the class is not open to drop ins.  You get to dance whatever style you want, and can switch it up each week.  It’s a private class tailored just for you and your buds.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s book you a private class today!