Keeping you safe one step at a time.

Kinetic Energy Alive Dance School Health and Safety Protocol:

  1. Students will be required to book and register their spot in advance for group classes and private lessons etc. 
  2. Students are asked to follow our guidelines with the utmost care and diligence as it affects their safety, other dancer’s safety, and that of all our loved ones.
  3. All families will be asked to sign a waiver agreeing to follow all safety guidelines. This waiver relieves the studio of any liability and is proof that we complied with the state mandated COVID-19 prevention guidelines and that we have done our part to protect our students and their families.
  4. Only essential personal items that support dance activity for students will be allowed in the studios.  We ask students to PLEASE not bring any book bags, extra clothing, instruments, etc. into the studios.  (for example: the only things a dancer needs is cotton socks for contemporary, indoor sneakers, ballet slippers, a water bottle and a hair tie).  Please leave all other personal items in your car.
  5. Before Entry into building:
    1. All family members and dancers are asked to wear face masks at all times upon leaving their vehicle.
    2. Students will be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19
    3. Temperature checks and hand sanitizing will be required prior to class
    4. Students will then enter by the downstairs bathroom door, wash hands, place all non-essential personal items in the upstairs “open waiting area”, wash hands again, then proceed to either studio 1, 2 or 3 for class.
    5. All shoes are to be left outside the studio.  Dancers MUST bring indoor shoes for hip hop. If they do not, they will not be allowed to wear their outdoor shoes in the studio even if they want to wash them off.
    6. Students are required to wear face masks during classes (breaks will be given for students to step outside and remove their masks while practicing proper physical distancing)
    7. Students will sanitize after any floor work and before leaving the studio to go home. 
  6. Students will continue to be required to call and cancel private lessons with 24 hour notice.  Lesson fees will be due for any lessons not cancelled with proper notice.