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Kea Tesseyman on Instagram Live / Contemporary: Coming soon, TBA

Enjoy this warm up, deep stretch, integrated movement and a pause in your day to let your mind, body and spirit flow together.  Learn a combination to work your mind and body and feel joy, self love and empowerment.  This one hour is for you.


Kea Tesseyman on Instagram Live @kineticenergyalivedance / Contemporary Jazz: 
Coming soon, TBA

Throw it all away and let yourself go during this one hour of complete “feel-good movement”.  “Kea’s class was JUST what I needed to make my day great and feel amazing!” (a happy client)

Kea’s favorite music selection comes out in this hour as she brings out the great blues, jazz and soul she grew up listening to.  Learn a combination to challenge your technique and unlearn how to hold yourself in ways that restrict your true essence and nature as a dancer.  Let go, feel free, and sweat, shout and move like you’ve never moved before in this up beat, soulful session of Kea’s signature dance style. This one hour is for you.  


Kea Tesseyman on Instagram Live @kineticenergyalivedance / Hip Hop: 
Coming soon, TBA

This is it! Let’s have some fun!  Warm up, work on isolations and foundational basics and finish with a combo.  Kea’s range of hip hop varies from old school funk, popping, locking and breaking to new school styles like street jazz, jazz funk and focuses on musicality brain busters to current day, good sound music*. 

*Musical Disclaimer:  GOOD SOUND MUSIC means that Kea does not listen to, nor choreographs to, songs of a negative, demeaning or disrespecting nature, including references to sex, drugs or violence, negative or abusive language towards the self or others.  Kea will not compromise her integrity as an artist because of popularity or what other famous dancers choose to dance to.  She hopes that her stance on this important and relevant issue happening in the dance world in general, but more specifically, targeting young hip hop students, will someday spread just as fast as a virus. This is part of “KeaDanceLove: A movement of freedom, empowerment and self-love”.  The effort and time Kea devotes to finding good, wholesome and inspiring music with creative beats and exciting sounds is just one of the many layers that makes Kea the teacher, choreographer and performance artist she is.  Enjoy your session and pass it on:)


Coming soon:  Inspiring webinars with Artistic Director Kea Tesseyman about how to create, inspire and evolve your at-home practice.

~ How to create your own choreography:

Build your own vision and tell a story that helps you to process what is important in your life right now. Either honoring something great or releasing something hard, creating a physical story map will help you to process and understand in new ways your own truth and help you to develop it into a clear message that can help others to relate and identify.

~ Vision Board: creative thinking and goal manifestation

Take action by learning a simple method that will help you to organize your thinking and goals and create attainable action steps that lead you in the direction of succeeding your goals.

~ Inspiring reads for dancers:  

Books that I love that have helped me to become a creative choreographer, director and successful student.


Private Lessons:

I will be offering virtual private lessons for one-on-one instruction at a reduced rate.  This is a great bonus dance training for someone who is at home and really wants to keep working on their skills, ask me questions about their dance and choreography and get private, tailored instruction.

There will be a clear place on the schedule I send out for next week where I am booking these lessons.

Virtual Lesson Rates:  

  1. 20 min / $25.00
  2. 30 min / $35.00
  3. 45 min / $55.00

How To Book:

  1. Email Kea the time slot you want based on the schedule offerings
  2. Your lesson is temporarily confirmed when you receive and email back with the link for your online payment
  3. Once payment is received you are on the calendar for the time slot you selected and will be simply attend your lesson from your living room at the zoom link sent in confirmation email.  (Same zoom link as the group classes online link)

Donations made contribute to the class tutelage students are receiving online.  Donations are not required but appreciated as they will help to offset the time put into running these online classes.