Intensives and Workshops:
The purpose of our unique intensives train the dancer’s body, mind and spirit, working within a “whole body” approach.  This helps dancers to enhance their technical ability, flexibility and strength while learning new skills that support them in and out of the studio.
While each intensive is unique, we bring in elements that help dancers to build a healthy practice for their lifestyle.  In addition to our anatomy focused functional approach to classical technique training, we apply the following tools to offer support and guidance to our students:
Meditation, writing exercises, understanding healthy training vs punish mentality, positive self talk, creating achievable goals, building affirmations, manifestations and visualizing their dreams and goals, the importance of mental and emotional health, communication practice and more.
We implement physical conditioning, mental and emotional release, and anatomy training for dancers.  With a whole body consciousness around movement, hour and a half classes are not always enough time to dive deeper in to dance training. Through our very intentional programs, we explore dance in different ways at a more indepth focus.  This is a really exciting and creative process! We feel it is important for dancers to have a refreshing, informational, inspiring, supportive, nourishing and healing dance experience to enhance their overall well-being!

Here is an example of our recent intensive:

Class structure: 3 – 4 blocks 
Each day has a different energy build Following Yin and Yang 
Mondays: (more Yang to get you fired up and strengthened to take on the week)
  • Block 1: centering meditation leading into Conditioning/strength training (4:00 – 4:45)
  • 5 min mask break
  • Block 2: Technique training (4:50 – 5:25)
  • 5 mask break
  • Block 3: Flexibility training (5:30- 6:15) (inspired by Donna Flagg’s Lastic’s Stretch)
  • Block 4: meditation (6:15-6:30)

Wednesdays: (more Yin to begin descending stress and release for second half of week)

  • Block 1: bodyART inspired class (4:00 – 5:00)
  • 5 min mask break
  • Block 2: Movement exploration (5:05 – 5:45)
  • 5 min
  • Block 3: (6:00-6:10) writing block, affirmations and manifestations
  • Block 4: Stretch into meditation (6:10 – 6:30)