Kea Tesseyman

Artistic Director/Owner


Hip Hop/Street Jazz, Funk, Contemporary, Contemporary Jazz, Breaking, Modern Horton Technique, Conditioning and Flexibility

As Founder/Director of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions, Kea Tesseyman has devoted her life to offering quality, wholesome and original dance classes and performances, to not only the five-town communities, but nation-wide.  Kea has been teaching dance since 2002, and founded Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions in 2010.

Kea’s experiences in the dance world have shaped her philosophy and structure of offering movement arts and paramountly supports her belief that all people should have a healthy and positive outlet to dance, move and also grow, in a safe and judgement-free environment.  Kea especially believes in being a sounding board and supporter of teenagers, and has created such a place where through dance lessons, Kea is open to ideas, feedback and hearing what the teens need to discuss and work through while creating powerful and important work.  It is important ot Kea that her studio offers an outlet and safe place for teenagers to learn to communicate their feelings and ideas and is a place to share their messages to the world.  

From this bedrock of growth, the students grow tight in camaraderie, learn to respect their teachers, one another, and themselves.  They also have practice speaking up for themselves and working together as a team to source out the most important messages needed to be share, allowing growth in themselves that transcends the studio walls, and even their own physical growth as dancers.  This is Kea’s dream realized.

For more on Kea’s bio and experiences in the dance world, please visit the “Meet the Director” page.


“Technique, choreography, and performance training is vital to a student’s education as a dancer; however, it is self esteem, confidence and love that is vital to their growth as human beings.” – Kea Tesseyman