Kea Tesseyman

Artistic Director/Owner


Hip Hop/Street Jazz, Funk, Contemporary, Contemporary Jazz, Breaking, Modern Horton Technique, Conditioning and Flexibility

As Founder/Director of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions, Kea Tesseyman has devoted her life to offering quality, wholesome and original dance classes and performances, to not only the five-town communities, but nation-wide.  Kea has been teaching dance since 2002, and founded Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions in 2010.

Kea’s experiences in the dance world have shaped her philosophy and structure of offering movement arts and paramountly supports her belief that all people should have a healthy and positive outlet to dance, move and also grow, in a safe and judgement-free environment.  Kea especially believes in being a sounding board and supporter of teenagers, and has created such a place where through dance lessons, Kea is open to ideas, feedback and hearing what the teens need to discuss and work through, and creating powerful and important work from those very session, offering an outlet and safe place for teenagers to learn to communicate and share their messages to the world.  From this bedrock of growth, the students grow tight in camaraderie, learn to respect their teachers, one another, and themselves.  They also have practice speaking up for themselves and working together as a team to source out the most important messages needed to be share, allowing growth in themselves that transcends the studio walls, and even their own physical growth as dancers.  This is Kea’s dream realized.

In addition to years of training in Boston with the legends of Old School Hip Hop, Kea has received training from top instructors at Alvin Ailey such as Karen Arcenueaux in Horton Technique and Finis Jhung in Ballet.  At Broadway Dance Center Kea has training with Dorit Koppel, Derek Mitchel, Ginger Cox, Tracie Stanfield, Jon Rua (a member of the new hit on Broadway, “Hamilton”) Lane Napper, and more.  Here she studies with the best of the best and has attended their Dance Educator Development Training.  Her hip hop mentor is Carlos Netto.  Kea attended Urban Dance Camp in 2017 in Lorach Germany, and worked with teachers/choreographers Dylan Mayoral, Lia Kim, Koharu Sugawara, Jun Quemado, Ysabelle Capitule, Marthe Vangeel and her absolute favorite, Hilty & Bosch.

Before she created her dance company in 2010, she worked at the Pen Bay YMCA for five years and Rockport Dance Conservatory for three. During that time, Kea helped to direct and choreograph the studio shows and bring choreography to the studio’s competition arena such as 2008’s Maine’s Best Dance Crew where they won 1st place, and in 2009, where Kea was printed in Dance Spirit Magazine along with her dancers, for her choreography and performance at Dancer’s Inc. National Competition for which she holds a National High Gold success.

In 2010 and 2011, Kea worked on building her business while putting on showcases with Swing and Sway in Rockland Maine. From 2012-2015, Kea worked on other projects such as producing fun and uplifting Dance Show Events with her company, while also stepping into the arena of documentary and short film work. During this adventure, along with co-creator with Lee Parent, a Belfast native, they developed a dance method called Power Performance, inspired by the healing work and therapy-like results from her unique style of one-on-one coaching and group motivation/guidance on the dance floor through chorographical stories based on real life events of experience, trauma, strength and hope.

In 2015 to present, Kea runs her Dance studio turned Dance school and has put on a series of Annual Student Showcases, at the Camden Opera House, known as Grit & Grace, “Just be You” (2016), “The Evolution” SOLD OUT (2017), “Unleashed: The Next Generation” SOLD OUT (2018) and “Superheroes Among Us” SOLD OUT (2019).  Kea also created, choreographed, directed and produced “The Lion King: A Brothers’ Tale” in 2017, which was held at the Strom Auditorium at the Camden Hills Regional High School, which also sold out!

Kea has been a keynote speaker for conferences such as Juice 3.0 and 3.5, is an advocate for teen health and drug/alcohol prevention, and spent three years as the dance representative for health food awareness non-profit organization, Dunk the Junk.  Kea has volunteered for the Wayfinder school’s efforts for six years between 2010 and 2016, assisting and performing for their fundraiser, “Dancing with the Local Stars”, and other countless local community events for great causes that call for dance support and energy such as Awareness for Bullying in 2013 in southern Maine and more.   In 2013 and 2014, Kea toured in Coechella Valley, California, covering a 21-school district area, bringing dance to the children of the area.

When she is not dancing, Kea spends time with her family, and enjoys snowboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, finding the best tacos and taking naps on the beach.

“Technique, choreography, and performance training is vital to a student’s education as a dancer; however, it is self esteem, confidence and love that is vital to their growth as human beings.” – Kea Tesseyman