The performance arts have been hit extremely hard by this unprecedented pandemic.  Gathering in groups to perform and share our art with others and inspire groups of people is what we do.  We gather together in studios and dance and sweat, exercise and create.  We touch each others lives and physically LIFT one another.  Then we move together as one, and roll into our theaters with excitement and energy and pack our Opera Houses with hundreds and thousands of people and share what we have been working on for the past year.  People stand and shout, cry and laugh, hug and reach out grasping this essential connection as the spirit of dance and theater rushes through them from the stage and all who inhabit it with their prowess of technique, style, expression and most importantly – LOVE.  We share vital messages of hope, joy, understanding and address relevant issues happening in our world today, giving our dancers and audience members an outlet for expression, conversation, release and relief, something solely needed especially now during our political climate, our suffering environmental climate, and the feeling of divide amongst all of us, only increased by the isolation necessary to stem off a greater spike in the COVID-19 epidemic.  Amidst all of this, performers share LOVE and JOY for this reason and inspire those to feel joy and love too.

This is what we do.  We share LOVE and we spread joy through the performance arts.  And then all at once – it stopped.  For months we stood in our living rooms zooming but it’s just not the same.  Our life’s purpose of creating and sharing this movement art is at a standstill.  All we can do is hold small group dance classes but still – no outlet or ability to perform what we create.  We must wait until their is a vaccine and we are able to congregate to experience this magic the way we once were able.

In the meantime, how do forge ahead and stay open?  How do we not lose the building we lease to create this magic in?  We must find a way to make it through this stand still so that when we do come out of this – which we will – we have a place to congregate and create once again.  While we have done everything we can possible think of  – renovations, small groups, sanitizing procedures and more, it’s still not enough to cover the essential costs of keeping our studios and avoiding shut down.

Please help our studio to remain open during this pandemic by donating at the link below.  Our classes and offerings are supportive for those in the community looking for a safe place to congregate, socialize and feel supported by others during a time of severe fear, isolation and safety-risks.

Our classes allow students to express themselves emotionally, mentally and physically, offering a unique outlet for processing feelings and thoughts that are not easily spoken.  Receiving this support, especially during this time, is essential to our dancers health and brings awareness into their lives of the importance of mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Help us to keep our doors open and maintain these offerings to the community.  We are so grateful for any and all of the support we receive.  Funds received go directly to our studio rent and utilities needed to keep our studio open.

Thank you so much for your help!


K.E.A. Dance Team