Teen/Adult Lyrical Contemporary with Floorwork

Teen/Adult Lyrical Contemporary with Floorwork

An empowering class for teenagers and adults in a moderate paced technical environment.  Authentic message communication and character/storytelling principles of contemporary dance are the focus of our class.  Learn the basics of lyrical contemporary technique, body awareness, musicality and shapes. Exercises in class build our choreography, allows the students to move and flow while gaining strength and style.  This class offers rigorous training and physical conditioning so each dancer can personally excel to their greatest potential.  This class truly allows the individuality and uniqueness of each participant the full room to grow and expand as the person they are through dance.

Kea is a strong believer that having a strong body, mind and spirit is the best way to feel empowered, free and full of self love. With the catalyst of important messages and evocative story telling created for the stage, the dancers have a safe-container to dive deep into themselves to pull out their own magic, while creating a team bond and “togetherness” with their fellow dancers, regardless of age or ability.

^It is recommended to attend the F.A.C.T. (Functional Approach to Classical Technique class) prior to contemporary for a solid foundation of technique and skill.

To sign up: please email your name and class of choice to kineticenergyalive@gmail.com

Class registration is $18.00 when you sign up for a session / Drop in is $20.00

Payment is processed in person at studio on or before first class.


Dancer’s Checklist:

  • Hair ties – pulled back from face in bun
  • Water

Dress Code:

  • Leggings and/or form fitting sweat pants
  • Form fitting shirt
  • Cotton Socks – calf length
  • Leotard (optional but good to have)
  • Any level
  • Lyrical Contemporary with Floorwork
  • Teens/Adults
  • Kea Tesseyman