F.A.C.T. for Kids

F.A.C.T. for Kids

This basic class is the perfect place for any young student to begin their dance training.  The class is broken up into, barre, creative movement and classical technique centered exercises.  This allows dancers to to lock in their technique while adding a fun and expressive element to their training.

Supporting their growth through form, alignment, classical technique basics and strength, this is the starting place for dancers wishing to join kids contemporary and modern classes.

To sign up: please email your name and class of choice to kineticenergyalive@gmail.com

Class registration is $15.00 when you sign up for a session / Drop in is $17.00

Payment is processed in person at studio on or before first class.


Dancer’s Checklist:

  • Hair ties – pulled back from face in bun
  • Water

Dress Code:

  • Preferably pink tights & leotard (leggings are acceptable)
  • Skirt is optional
  • Ballet slippers (if you need help with fitting or ordering, please ask at studio)
  • Colder months: form fitting leg warmers, sweaters etc are acceptable


  • Beginner
  • F.A.C.T. for Kids/Young Teens
  • 7-11
  • Kea Tesseyman
  • Saturday, 2:15-3:15pm