Teen/Adult Ballet Level I/II

Teen/Adult Ballet Level I/II

With beginning levels of classical ballet training which starts at the barre, we focus on body placement, muscle memory and professional alignment.  This will allow our teen and adult dancers to form classical lines throughout any dance technique or genre.  A full hour and a half class is not complete with out center work (off the barre, on the floor) where dancers learn combinations, enhanced vocabulary training while in motion challenging their skills and poise each moment.  An excellent class to be paired with our Contemporary Performance series!

Dancer’s Checklist:

  • Hair ties – pulled back from face in bun
  • Water

Dress Code:

  • Preferably pink tights & leotard (leggings are acceptable)
  • Skirt is optional
  • Ballet slippers (if you need help with fitting or ordering, please ask at studio)
  • Colder months: form fitting legwarmers, sweaters etc are acceptable

*REGISTRATION NOTE: Multi-class dance package

If you are enrolling in more than one class per week, you can receive a discount if you sign up and register at the studio.  This discount is not available online.  

7 weeks:  $119.00 (Based on one class per week)

  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • Ballet Level I/II
  • Teen/Adult
  • Sandee Havunen
  • not currently offered