Adult Beginner/ Level I Ballet

Adult Beginner/ Level I Ballet

In this one hour beginner ballet class for adults, you will learn the basic technique, vocabulary and form needed to move onto Level I. While ballet is strengthening and toning, it also helps with posture, poise and balance. You will certainly be challenged in this class – but don’t worry – it’s designed just for you so it will also flow at your pace!

Dancer’s Checklist:

  • Hair ties – pulled back from face in bun
  • Water

Dress Code:

  • Preferably pink tights & leotard (leggings are acceptable)
  • Skirt is optional
  • Ballet slippers (if you need help with fitting or ordering, please ask at studio)
  • Colder months: form fitting legwarmers, sweaters etc are acceptable

*REGISTRATION NOTE: Multi-class dance package

If you are enrolling in more than one class per week, you can receive a discount if you sign up and register at the studio.  This discount is not available online.  

This class will be returning in the summer, see you then!

  • Beginner
  • Ballet
  • Adult
  • Lyn Tesseyman
  • Studio 2