Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Center Celebrates 12 years of serving the local communities with dance!

Join us for our Annual Dance Studio Showcase, “Grit & Grace V: The Power Of Love”!

Our theme this year is LOVE. We move dance by dance throughout the show demonstrating how our love for each other and of movement can transcend adversity. You will witness how coming together to dance has connected us as we have overcome challenges as one.

Everyday, we search to find love inside ourselves as if it is a flower in a storm, reaching towards the skies even in the harshest climate this world forces us to face, willing the light to appear, trusting that it will. As imperfect humans striving to make the most of each day, we confront truths, learn to have acceptance and forgiveness, and explore the significant connections that ground us and bring security and peace to our lives.

Through dance, we have been able to survive the storm of the past few years, and come out on the other side, stronger, grown, and soaring with positivity, humility and resilience.

The strength and beauty these young kids and teens have shown throughout this experience our entire community has been living through, is a testament to the GRIT & GRACE that is living inside each and every one of us. Transformed into movement to lyrically carry you with us on a wave of powerful and uplifting messages, we can guarantee you will leave the theater feeling the joy, the excitement, the passion and of course, THE LOVE!

With over 60 students, ranging in ages from 6 to 77, showcasing pieces in various dance styles such as hip hop, contemporary, jazz, modern and more, you won’t be able to stop yourself from cheering, laughing, jumping up to dance with us, and maybe even crying (what can I say? It’s how we do;)

We are simply THRILLED to finally be back in the theater to share our magic on the stage with you! We hope you’ll join us.

Tickets are sold online through the Camden Opera House:

$20.00 in advance
$25.00 at the door



(Due to limited capacity, only 250 seats are available per night. I can PROMISE you all three shows will sell out very fast, so DO NOT WAIT to get your tickets.
With 67 dance families, friends and all of our community anxiously awaiting our first show back from the long pause the pandemic forced, I guarantee seats will sell out fast.)

Additionally, we are pleased to announce we are celebrating three incredible graduating seniors: Leanna Cotton, Justyce Long and Adrian Pierce.
We also welcome back many returning students that were with us pre-pandemic, and welcome many, many new families and dancers to our company. If you are new to our shows, they are definitely not to miss, so be prepared to experience Grit & Grace V: THE POWER OF LOVE!

Grit & Grace IV: Superheroes Among Us

Inside each of us is a hero with the power to transform our lives and those around us. No matter where we are in our growth and evolution – be it reaching for our desires, facing fears, or helping others to become leaders – we are the hero of our story. No matter what happens along the way, success is on our horizon and we are not alone.
Join us for an evening of stories that inspire and intertwine with one another, as everyday people leading everyday lives become… Superheroes Among Us.

Show Times: 7:00pm, Friday April 5th & Saturday April 6th only, at the Camden Opera House.
Tickets available online at:
Tickets purchased online are held at Will Call the night of the show you selected.
Ticket Price: $15.00 in advance / $17.00 at door
Show length: 2 hours with 15 minute intermission
Seating: General Admission, Seating opens at 6:00pm (Come early to enter raffle to win dance swag and other goodies)
Contact Studio for questions: / 207.975.4450 /

~ SHOWS SELL OUT! Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Performances typically sell out of tickets for both nights a week before opening night. It’s advised to purchase tickets early.
~ CHILD ADVISORY: While this IS a great family show and a major uplifting event, we do deliver dance pieces in serious and moving ways. Which means if you have a child who does not sit for long periods of time or cries often, it could disturb the audience and the dancers on stage. We ask you to please use your best discretion and consideration if allowing children younger than 6 attend.
~ WE LIKE IT LOUD: It’s always great to HEAR the music, but some people simply have more sensitive ears than others. The director recommends sitting in the middle back section of the first level where the sound is most balanced and you will not be directly near a monitor (speaker).

Grit & Grace III: UNLEASHED, The Next Generation

For their 6th Annual Dance Student Showcase, Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions, the dance company that enthralled audiences with its recent production of “The Lion King, A Brothers’ Tale,” is excited to announce a new and exciting installment of “Grit and Grace” — showcasing young talent that delivers energy, inspiration, and “messages in movement” for a better world.

While many of us feel uncertainty and frustration about the future, this third installment of “Grit and Grace” honors the dance company’s commitment to communicating goodness, peace, and healing to a troubled world — through the spirit and vitality of a Next Generation of young talent. They are dancers, but they are also soon to be our leaders in a few short years to come.

Director Kea Tesseyman has helped the dancers craft their works to showcase the happiness and joy of each kid, the confidence and drive of each teenager, and the courage and willingness to redefine leadership in each adult. During the two hour performance, multiple styles of hip hop, contemporary, modern and storytelling combine to deliver a fresh and vibrant experience — one of hope and positive change for a better world.

Join with us. Share the excitement and prepare to be… UNLEASHED.

~ TICKET INFO: Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $17.00 at the door. General Seating applies. Tickets purchased in advance are held at Will Call at the Box Office. Use the link below to purchase your tickets.

“The Lion King, A Brothers’ Tale”

An Original Dance Theatre Adaptation

In their 8th year of delivering unique, inspiring and high-energy performances, Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions is excited to introduce their first Dance Theatre Production of The Lion King, A Brothers’ Tale, an Original Dance Theatre Adaptation with the local communities and people who come from all over the state of Maine to see it. With a riveting added twist to the story, never before seen or told, this dance company blends multiple dance styles, music and format to retell this epic classic on stage – NOT to be missed.

Written, choreographed and directed by Kea Tesseyman (Owner of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions), she lets the audience in on the background of the making of this Original Adaptation:

“When I was nine, I received The Lion King soundtrack from the Disney classic for Christmas and my parents did everything they could to keep me from crashing off of couches and tables as I bounced around the house as my favorite animals, uplifted and inspired by the music and story of The Lion King,” Tesseyman, long time teacher in her 16th year of instructing and an innovator of choreography and student connection to movement, reflects on her first years becoming inspired by this classic story. “I think I always had a fondness for these tales that brought the hero out of the under dog, the epic challenges to rise above trials and tribulations, or preserve the sacredness of the earth – the classic battle between light and dark, good vs evil. When life handed me particular challenges, these stories were sort of my inspiration that I wasn’t just surviving through hard times, but rising above them, growing integrity, grit and grace in all that I did, to become better for myself and those around me.”

Tesseyman was inspired two years ago by the music from the Original Broadway Cast of The Lion King. “The music lifted my chest and as tears poured down my face – I knew it was time for me to bring this story to the stage – and do it justice. I reflected on a project I created a few years ago – a Dance and Short Film Event, Power Performance, where we addressed the “bullying epidemic” and how a bully becomes a bully. This thought came back to me when thinking of the character from The Lion King, Scar. Was he always so hateful and full of evil? Or did something happen to him that hurt him so deeply and changed him into the character everyone loves to hate? Then there’s the beloved and honorable King Mufasa, who rules with integrity and dignity, who is also shown in a different light – was he always so honorable?

“My belief is that integrity is grown through living life on life’s terms and while we may not always make the right choices at first, it’s up to us to learn from them and make a point to choose right the next chance we get. I also believe that pain, suffering and loss can create so much hurt that the easy way out is hate and resentment – the hard way out is to forgive and accept. While that’s still a choice we can make, they don’t call it a “hard choice” for no reason.”

Tesseyman thoughtfully intertwines everyday challenges for humans into these fantasy characters on stage, and her hope is to bring the audience onto the stage with her company, to feel, identify and think about how they can relate to one or multiple characters during the show, and be a part of the story, even from the seats. “I think because it’s hard to forgive those that hurt us, and it’s hard to accept what is, it makes those who chose love over hate, light over dark, and freedom over suffering, who we are and makes us great in time. See what happens when these characters who you can identify with, choose one way over the other on stage, and they won’t seem so much like animals by the time the curtains close.”

Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Production’s Original Dance Theatre Adaptation of The Lion King, A Brothers’ Tale, will give the audience the company’s view of the fragile preservation of the beauty and good in the world, which is our responsibility to maintain for the generations ahead. With uplifting songs and dance scenes showcasing the pride of the animals and their love of the earth, this incredible story of The Lion King, A Brothers’ Tale, an Original Dance Theatre Adaptation, will revoke the age-old story of good versus evil,
light versus dark, the thin line in which they meet and the moral dilemmas that come with following you heart, seeking the truth, finding your power and having the courage to do the right thing.

With a cast of over fifty dancers ranging in ages from 6 to 60, using styles ranging from Horton, Contemporary, African and Broadway Jazz, to Hip Hop, Krumping, Martial Arts and Ballroom and more, this two hour Dance Theatre Production is jam packed with incredible characters that will make you laugh and cry, jump in shock, fall in love and hopefully – get up and dance!



Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions Presents The Lion King, A Brothers’ Tale, an Original Dance Theatre Adaptation, opening at the Strom Auditorium in Rockport Maine, Saturday December 2nd at 7:00pm (seating starts at 6:30pm) and Sunday December 3rd at 2:00pm (seating starts at 1:30pm). Running time is 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. Tickets are available in advance online at, at Zoot Coffee on Elm Street in Camden, or at the door. Strom Auditorium at CHRHS is located at 25 Keelson Drive in Rockport, Maine.

5th Annual Dance Student Showcase

Come to an extraordinary event to celebrate our 5th Annual Dance Student Showcase and the students of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions who have been working since September to create dances that hold versatile meanings of evolution in all aspects of life!

Join our Facebook event & be a part of the conversation on how YOU have personally experienced evolution in your life! Watch videos and catch sneak peek previews of our student’s and their work on our trek to the stage!

From the a fun review of Hip Hop songs ranging from the 70’s to current day by our Adult Hip Hop students, to the growing skills that our awesome Kids classes have learned in just one year, to the incredible talent and breakthrough performances by individuals and groups, we present to you 22 different concepts of evolution in form, story and music.
Giving you uplifting entertainment and soul rocking real-life moments made into moving pieces of art, we offer “The Evolution” as a portal to laughter, excitement, reflection and self-inquiry for the audience to identify with, relate to and be inspired by. This dance performance will take you on a journey of what it truly means to adapt, evolve, and grow.

We have solos, duets and special group performances. Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz Fusions, Breaking and freestyle.

Open to all:
Our students range in ages from 6 – 65 and our student body of 55 performers will definitely keep you entertained & grooving for this 1.5 hour Dance Event!

Intermision foods and beverages by donation only are available at intermission, plus buy a ticket for our hearty raffle, full of dance wear SCHWAGGG and more goodies to raise money for the students!

We hope to see you there!


Two-Part Open Casting For ANYONE interested in being a part of “The Lion King” Production.
Schedule for Casting:
1)  Wednesday: 3:00 – 5:15pm Casting for ALL dancers (Attendance at this casting is preferred, recommended & encouraged, so you receive a well-rounded experience of our casting process for this production!)
2) Thursday: 9:00 – 10:30am:  (For any dancers who are unable to make Wednesday group class)
WEDNESDAY: ANY NEW DANCERS,  ALL AGES WELCOME + Original Cast Members are required to attend($15.00)
  • 3:00 – 3:30pm:  Introduction to the layout of the show and story line of the production
  • 3:30 – 4:00pm:  Hear all available roles, scenes we are casting for and rehearsal schedule.
  • 4:00 – 5:00: Experience a Horton Class  (class begins sharp at 4:00pm) (This class is the basic format of technical training for all dancers who wish to be a part of the production.)
  • 5:00 – 5:15pm: Any questions and registration for the Wednesday Horton Class (5 week June session: $75.00 – please have check, card or cash ready.  Checks payable to Kinetic Energy Alive)
Thursday: 9:00 – 10:30am: For any students who are unable to make the Wednesday Group class.  This is a shorter version of the Wednesday class & combines all of the pertinent information along with a sample of movement and technique.
Email to put your name on the list for casting:
Please write:
In subject line:  LION KING CASTING
In Body of email:
1) your name
2) Age
3) If you are attending Wednesday, 3:00 – 5:15  OR Thursday, 9:00 – 10:30am
Thank you!