Black Lives Matter:

Kinetic Energy Alive Dance stands, kneels, speaks and acts in solidarity against systematic racism. We stand strong with Black Lives Matter. We are deeply saddened by the injustice, prejudice and oppression that exists in our world. We want to share the resources that have been shared with us to help educate our community on how to stand in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter. We have always strived to provide a platform to those that have been unheard and hushed. You matter.  As a vocal anti-racist company and committed member of a community that we believe must be inclusive of all voices, we have prepared our first set of action steps aimed at focusing our business on equality, inclusiveness and justice.

Action Steps:

1) We are have reevaluated our hip hop/street dance program with input from the black community.  This program has been build from years of experience and training with dancers in the old school funk dance communities and reflects the authentic and rich culture in which the styles and music originate from.

2) We will continue to further educate our students on the history and origins of black contributions to dance.

3)  We re-affirm that Kinetic Energy Alive Dance has a strict policy which states: “No dancer turned away for inability to pay”