Meet The Director

Founder/Director of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions, Kea Tesseyman has devoted her life to offering quality, wholesome and inspiring dance opportunities and performances.  Based out of the Midcoast Maine area, she travels internationally teaching and training in many different styles, methods and techniques.  Kea’s experiences in the dance world have shaped her philosophy and built the structure that she uses to deliver her unique approach to dance instruction.  The catalyst for her passion and love of the art of movement comes from the hope to inspire young generations to think and feel for themselves with self-love and validation that their ideas matter and will change the world.

Bio excerpt:

Kea has been teaching since 2002.  In addition to years of training in Boston with the legends of Old School Hip Hop, Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey Extension in NYC, she was also printed in Dance Spirit magazine, holds a National High Gold win with the company Dancer’s Inc., has been a keynote speaker for conferences such as Juice 3.0, is an advocate for teen health and suicide/bullying/drug/alcohol prevention.

Kea continues her training in New York City and teachers, choreographs and performs internationally.  She strongly believes that to continue to offer the best education to her clients in the midcoast area and anywhere she travels, that she must constantly stay on top of her own training and ahead of the curve with the dance world.

She attends Broadway Dance Center’s teacher training program each summer, Urban Dance Camp in Germany and other trainings that specifically work on teacher training.

Teachers who Kea currently trains with

Karen Arceneaux

Carlos Netto

Ginger Cox

Ryan Daniel Beck

Kartik Mohan and Shristri

Teachers Kea has worked with that have greatly influenced her dancing and teaching are:

Hilti & Bosch: Locking

Jun Quemedo

Koharu Sugawara

Dylan Mayoral

Liam Kim

Ashle Dawson

Tracie Stanfield

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