Our community pledge:

Making dance accessible & fun for everyone to learn.  Building confidence, character & strength in each step.

Teaching skills for beginners to professionals in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Method & Mission:

Our method is centered around the mind-body connection, believing in whole body wellness which is always considered throughout an individual’s dance training.

We lay a foundation of anatomy training and strength conditioning which is paired with reinforcing the importance of positive self-talk and healthy mindsets. 

In addition to style and technical dance training, we develop choreography that is based on personal experience of the dancers and the choreographer, always asking throughout the creative process what is the importance and relevancy of the art we are creating.

Through this system, we achieve safe technical training, achievable goals that are individualized for each student and a practical approach to processing difficult emotions and thoughts that are challenging to speak about while creating inspiring and relevant work that is needed in the world.

Our Vision:

We strive each day at Kinetic Energy Alive, to find unique, creative and fulfilling ways to empower our students through dance. This begins with creating a studio atmosphere that is healthy, welcoming and supportive of all people who wish to make dance an enriching part of their lives.

By giving dancers the tools needed to find freedom and confidence in their bodies and minds, we work to instill them with the crucial building blocks needed establish healthy communication skills, healthy body image, self-respect and the courage to be authentic and true to themselves.

We believe through our method of training, we are creating healthy minded and physically sound dancers who choose to speak with loving kindness to themselves and to others, amidst a world of dance where kindness and compassion is usually undervalued. 

By cultivating our vision that a positive and healthy approach to dance training, both mentally and physically, is the best and only path towards achieving our goals, we believe we can create necessary change in the culture of dance.  By addressing the commonly negative lens through which students may view themselves based on what they see in media, we remove the lens of comparison and judgement from self-talk so that dancers are able to see the bigger picture of what is needed in the world; love, hope and inspiration, and how that truly starts with them.

Through our choreography and performances, we can provoke thoughtfulness in the viewers, creating a ripple effect that can change the world. We offer a platform for the dancers to express themselves in many ways, especially, how their lives have been empowered through dance, giving them the opportunity to inspire others with their stories. 

“Technique, choreography, and performance training is vital to a student’s education as a dancer; however, it is self esteem, confidence and love that is vital to their growth as human beings.”

Kea Tesseyman