Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions is a place to come to belong, to unleash your inner power, grace and strength, and to gain skills and confidence to step onto the dance floor.  Everyone has a place here, and everyone can succeed.

Harboring an encouraging and supportive learning environment full of inspiration, quality dance education, and well-rounded classes for many age groups, you can choose from group lessons or private training with Founder/Director Kea Tesseyman.

With genres of dance training ranging from lyrical/contemporary, performance training and interpretive character development, to classic old school hip hop, dance flexibility and conditioning training, we also offer fun up beat jazz-fusion classes, jazz-funk and “learn how to dance at weddings” classes.

Get a good work out, make your body and brain happy, and be a part of our company of dancers where you can flourish as the amazing and strong individual you naturally are (just with a little more style, grace and skill under your belt!)

As Founder/Director of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions, Kea Tesseyman has devoted her life to offering quality, wholesome and original dance classes and performances, to not only the five town communities, but nation wide.  In her fourteenth  year as an instructor and sixth year as a studio director and owner, Kea’s experiences in the dance world have shaped her philosophy and structure and most importantly have been the catalyst for her passion and love of the art of movement.

In addition to years of training in Boston with the legends of Old School Hip Hop and at the Alvin Ailey Extension in NYC, she was also printed in Dance Spirit magazine, holds a National High Gold win with the company Dancer’s Inc., has been a keynote speaker for conferences such as Juice 3.0, is an advocate for teen health and prevention, and is the dance representative for health food awareness non-profit organization, Dunk the Junk, their recent mission taking them to California to perform and teach in schools about healthy eating and movement. 

Word from the creator: “As a resident of Camden, I have been teaching dance since 2002 and have grown with-in the community through my love and passion of working with students. Along with my belief that a healthy attitude can produce the best, most creative work of art, I also believe my dance and performance company will offer just what aspiring dancers need to achieve their dreams – and everyday people what they need to make their dreams of dancing, a reality!

With my long history of instructing, presenting in schools, volunteer work, producing elite dance and short film events and dance performances at multiple venues locally and nationally, I love that I am here in this Mid-Coast area where I can share what I’ve learned with this community and it’s rising generations of dancers and people who LOVE to move!

Our mission is to provide long lasting opportunities for anyone who has a desire to dance. To share movement-art that nourishes the people of this area, while instilling core values of confidence, love, respect, courage and honesty into our students. Providing the locomotive for growth through a variety of dance class styles and formats that have something for everyone, we are able to communicate real-life stories, messages and art through dance, and uniquely, through each individual who stands up and says “I love to dance!”

“Technique, choreography, and performance training is vital to a student’s education as a dancer; however, it is self esteem, confidence and love that is vital to their growth as human beings.”

Kea Tesseyman