Save The Date: "Grit & Grace V: The Power Of Love

Join us May 1st, 2nd & 3rd for our 10 Year Annivesary Studio Showcase at the Camden Opera House

Check back here, tickets will be available soon and we do sell out before the doors open! 


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There are almost no words for what this experience has been, but I’ll try to find some: Sublime. Transforming. Gentle. Demanding. Liberating. Fun. Astonishing. Deep. Soulful. Expressive. Challenging. Joyous. Healing. Exciting. Forgiving. Empowering. Accepting. Togetherness. Individual expression. Taking those unnecessary blinders off that the world has slapped on your head and around your heart and letting the body, mind and soul become one. Finally.

Carla White

“Thank you for producing a fantastic show. There is no doubt…everyone who attended felt the same. The overall energy was electrifying…thanks to you and your special students.”

George Muller