*COVID-19 Update, 9/5/20:

Currently we are working on reopening safely this fall.  We have a lot of renovations to complete to make this possible and will be implementing a strict protocol for the health and safety of all.  We are confident we are doing everything possible to prepare for a safe dance season.  Please contact us with any questions and stand-by as we work each day to get closer to a reopening.  Thank you for your patience, K.E.A. Dance Team!


Black Lives Matter:

Kinetic Energy Alive Dance stands, kneels, speaks and acts in solidarity against systematic racism. We stand strong with Black Lives Matter. We are deeply saddened by the injustice, prejudice and oppression that exists in our world. We want to share the resources that have been shared with us to help educate our community on how to stand in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter. We have always strived to provide a platform to those that have been unheard and hushed. You matter.  As a vocal anti-racist company and committed member of a community that we believe must be inclusive of all voices, we have prepared our first set of action steps aimed at focusing our business on equality, inclusiveness and justice.

Action Steps:

1) We are going to reevaluate our hip hop/street dance program with input from the black community

2) We will continue to further educate our students on the history and origins of black contributions to dance

3)  We re-affirm that Kinetic Energy Alive Dance has a strict policy which states: “No dancer turned away for inability to pay”

Our Studio Pledge





We want our dance community to have the recources they need to become educated and actively participate in anti-racism.  We stand with the black community and are doing our part to be supportive, listen and get educated on how to continue our efforts in this together.

Stand in Solidarity



There are almost no words for what this experience has been, but I’ll try to find some: Sublime. Transforming. Gentle. Demanding. Liberating. Fun. Astonishing. Deep. Soulful. Expressive. Challenging. Joyous. Healing. Exciting. Forgiving. Empowering. Accepting. Togetherness. Individual expression. Taking those unnecessary blinders off that the world has slapped on your head and around your heart and letting the body, mind and soul become one. Finally.

Carla White

“Thank you for producing a fantastic show. There is no doubt…everyone who attended felt the same. The overall energy was electrifying…thanks to you and your special students.”

George Muller