We are excited to offer dance classes and private dance lessons at our local midcoast studio to students of all ages and levels of experience.  Come explore dance styles and dance techniques and find the right expression for you!

We offer a wide range of styles from contemporary dance, ballet, hip hop and street dance, to modern dance, conditioning, musical theater and performance arts training and more.

Explore group classes to find the style that inspires you!

Immerse into intensives and workshops and dive deep into style, technique and anatomy training

Evolve in private lessons where we help you set goals and guide you through one on one training and individualized attention to your specific dance dreams

There are almost no words for what this experience has been, but I’ll try to find some: Sublime. Transforming. Gentle. Demanding. Liberating. Fun. Astonishing. Deep. Soulful. Expressive. Challenging. Joyous. Healing. Exciting. Forgiving. Empowering. Accepting. Togetherness. Individual expression. Taking those unnecessary blinders off that the world has slapped on your head and around your heart and letting the body, mind and soul become one. Finally.

Carla White

“Thank you for producing a fantastic show. There is no doubt…everyone who attended felt the same. The overall energy was electrifying…thanks to you and your special students.”

George Muller

“It is so very hard to narrow this testimonial down because I could say so much about what dancing with Kinetic Energy has done for me and how it has affected every aspect of my life in amazing, positive ways.  What stands out the most is my memory from when I saw Kea’s show, I already loved dance and I just knew I had to be, and would be, a part of it the very next year.  To dance is one of my favorite things to do, to dance with a purpose, a greater purpose than myself, is a dream come true.” 

Michele Fink

When I did my duet with Kea the first night of the show, we were doing our isolations and the whole crowd went crazy. She leaned into me and said, “Do you hear that, girl?” That moment I knew that people appreciate me and I don’t have to be scared of my own self, pretending to be someone else that I’m not. Because I’m a very free person. I’m a loud person. But I close up in big crowds and at school.” 

Zhenya Mikha

“Hey Kea! I don’t know if you remember me but I took your hip hop dancing class at Rockland middle school probably four years ago. I’m writing because I just listened to the broadcast you put out a few months ago on WRFR and was remembering that class. I remember all of the energy you had and how it rubbed off onto us. There was just something about you that was different but it was good. I also remember you talking about loving yourself, waking up every morning, looking yourself and the mirror and just saying “I love you”. I didn’t understand it as well when i was younger but now that I find myself chasing my own dreams and that affirming positive things like this is extremely helpful. I just want to say that you are an inspiration and now I understand why you gave off such a positive vibe… And also my friend James Nguyen has been into dance ever since that hip hop dance class! You were an inspiration to him as well! Good luck in your journey and keep chasing your dreams! People like yourself make the world a great place to live!”

-Hunter Grindle, October 2013

Hunter Grindle

“At KEA we strengthen not only our bodies, but strengthen our minds and our emotions. The connection every person has in this studio is precious. KEA is such a big part of me and it has impacted my life in many different ways. The second you walk into the studio there is a community there waiting to not only dance and create with you, but to get to know you: your personality, your favorite music, your stories and you as a whole. This studio is filled with acceptance, love, kindness, understanding, beauty… The list could go on. KEA has taught me to be myself, love everything and everyone, speak my words, let my creative side flow and I am forever grateful for that. It lets me express my emotions and feelings through dance which is so beautiful. At the studio we don’t just dance. There’s thought, love, conversations and connections that goes into every little detail. Each person’s input is thoughtfully heard. It’s not just one singular person choosing what we do, when we do it, and how it’s going to be done. It’s chosen as a whole. The connection between not only the dancers, but the teacher is a huge part of this studio. Who knows where I would be now if KEA wasn’t in my life, and that terrifies me. This studio is a place of comfort and happiness that I can’t see my life without. I’m so lucky to be a part of this studio and surround myself with amazing dances, people, creative minds and an absolutely unbelievable teacher. All of that is because of Kinetic Energy Alive dance Studio and I want that to continue for as long as possible. Not just for me, but for everyone.”

Anna Hildreth